Our Leadership Team is dedicated to giving everyone an amazing martial arts experience! We take great pride in helping each student maximize their potential and achieve balance within their lives. Each member of our Leadership Team goes through extensive training in order to be able to provide a great learning platform for each student to excel.

(We will be adding the rest of our amazing Leadership Team Bio's very soon)

Alex Ormaza, owner
Shihan - Ormaza's Family Karate
Shihan - ShuriTe Bujutsu Kai
Renshi - Dragon Society International 
Years Training: Started at age 5. Consistently training since 1991.
25 years experience. A Martial Arts professional since 2000.
Official Ranks:
- 6th Degree Okinawa Kempo Karate Jutsu
· 6th Degree Torite Jutsu
· 4th Degree RyuTe® Kempo Kobujutsu
· 2nd Degree Shuri Te Jiu-Jutsu
· Brown Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu
· Guro- Balintawak Arnis Cuentada Escrima
Official Certifications:
RyuTe® RenMei Regional Instructor
- Dragon Society International Senior Instructor
· International ShuriTe Bujitsu Kai Instructor: JiuJustu Division
· International ShuriTe Bujitsu Kai Instructor: Kyusho Justu Division
· Guro, International Instructor- Balintawak Cuentada Escrima
· USA National Karate-do Federation Official Kumite Referee
· USA National Karate-do Federation Official Coach
· Amateur Athletic Union Technical Coach
· Heartsaver First Aid/CPR -American Heart Association

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